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Throw your own #FiestaVerde!

May 5, 2017

Throwing your own fiesta?!


¡Comida with the amigos!


In light of the aforementioned, here is a list of vegetarian Mexican-style bites compiled by Bon Appetit that will make a mouth water by just looking at the photos. I guarantee you won’t go hungry with this compilation.


How about going #ZeroWaste?! Opting for reusable cups, cutlery, and dishware is an excellent way to curb your carbon footprint. If you’re picnicking, consider bringing your personal bamboo To-Go Ware, stock up on some great items created by SustyParty, or collect supplies from sources like Eco Party Time.  


¡Bebidas with the amigos!


When conjuring up the greatest cocktail that ever did pass your lips, mind your ingredients list. Go for locally-sourced, fair-trade, ethical, and organic brands of tequila, mezcal, wine, fruit, and juices that can be found at some of our favorite local markets such as our ol trusty, never disappointing, Rainbow Acres. If you’re planning on drinking more than one sweet libation, make pitchers (or vats, in our case) of Margaritas and Sangria. Just #waterup between each drink and keep your tomorrow self happy.


Mexican decorations


From Papel Picado and pinatas to sombreros and moustaches, we tend to deck out our homes, and ourselves, in pretty much everything we think gets us closer to temporarily (re)incarnating as an actual Mexican... like no one would notice this mystical transformation. But, before the moustache adhesive begins to melt, take time to create the perfect costume by using everyday items found right in your home closet! If supplies are low, swing by your local art store for the eco-friendly items that you’ll need to piece together your glamorous garments! Events are always more fun with DIY decorations - especially when using recycled, reusable, or environmentally conscious materials; so, get creative and make decor that lasts longer than a night and feels warm-n-fuzzy to the spirit.


Venice is lucky to have art supply stores like Mittel’s Art Center or Blick on the corner of Ocean Park and Lincoln.


Below are some ways you can quickly get crafty and all before the party starts...


Papel Picado: Time to whip out that old, crumpled up tissue paper (that you swear you’re going to reuse for future gifts) and begin creating some Papel Picado decor!


Pinata: Scroll down this link from Kiwi Magazine to find the eco friendly pinata made out of recycled boxes! Remember to use the eco-friendly tape, homemade glue, and reused tissue paper that you’ve stocked up on.



Pancho: Learn Create Love has a fun little pancho that gives one more life to those paper grocery bags you received when you forgot your reusable. Nix the staples and stick with eco friendly tape or glue.  ​​





Sombrero: Simply use those old Argonaut or Venice Beachhead newspapers you have piled up in the corner and get crafty! Below are two links to help guide you on how to make the sombrero you’ve always dreamed of! Simply replace the supplies list with eco-friendly products and viola! You’ve now transformed into a Green God or Goddess.


For the kid in you, this DLTK sombrero tutorial can be modified to fit your own head! Easy peasy...


Or, give this gem a whirl and remember to use eco-friendly adhesives as well as the list of below mentioned supplies and bling out your sombrero enough to blind passerby’s!  


Eco-friendly Supplies


Glue: Make your own gooey mess with this recipe by the Natural Green Mom!


Glue Stick: An option by Green Apple Supply in case the handmade goop isn't your thang.


Glitter: One simple option is to just step outside in our beautiful neighborhood and find what nature has to offer and follow these tips by Mother Natured! Beautiful AND fragrant!

Or, if you must bling like a disco ball, I imagine you can smear Bioglitz just about anywhere you please...  


String: You can use shoelaces or an eco friendly, ethical yarn from One Green Planet!  


Tape: Luckily the world has created many options for eco-friendly tape. Check out EcoEnclose or this one listed by Sustainable Brands.  


For some #CincoDeMayo tips on how to dine and travel eco-friendly check out our blog for ¡Cinco de Mayo #FeistaVerde here...




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Steven Williams of SELVA International and SFLA Ocean Friendly Gardens

April 6, 2018

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