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Autumn Equinox and inevitable change...

September 22, 2017

#FallEquinox, #HarvestEquinox, #AutumnEquinox… whichever way you slice it, it is guaranteed to bring on that warm and fuzzy feeling inside as you dust off the cardigans and pumpkin latte mix. At least that is true for us here in the Northern Hemisphere.


 Photo: Maggie Sumner, FL "Stecoah, NC"


As the earth shifts and tilts on its axis ever so slightly - and we teeter gracefully between hemispheres drawn by the celestial equator - we are aware that with each passing day our sun will sink into the ocean a little sooner, and rise a little later. There is a comfort in this season knowing that we are releasing the old and awaiting the new - prepping for the lengthy hibernation that will surely follow this journey of inevitable change, internal reflection, and profound contemplation brought on by wild fireside thoughts and enchantments.



 Photo: Maggie Sumner, FL "Stecoah, NC"


So, we ask… how are you going to embrace the shift of this season of life, death, and change in these transitional months that are drawing upon us? What rituals do you have planned to release your grasp of what has been and embrace the potential unknown? What tokens will you take and which will you give up? What qualities will you carry forward and which will you leave behind? Will you harvest that which is left by nature and prepare for what it will no longer bear? Will you vow to take advantage of longer, restful nights and maximize fleeting daylight? Will you start a DIY project next to your warmest lamp or favorite scented candle? Will you finish the last book you swore you would, or pick a new story for another grand adventure?


Regale us…





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Steven Williams of SELVA International and SFLA Ocean Friendly Gardens

April 6, 2018

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