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What We Do

From body care to home decor created by local and global eco-artisans, our stringent SV Certified criteria ensures that each product meets the healthiest, environmental, ethical, and sustainable standards.
Sustainable Design
The Venice Beach network of pioneer creatives and cutting-edge engineers provides a vast array of sustainable architecture, interior, and landscape design with the future of Venice beach at its heart. Collaborating on innovative technologies in sustainable and environmentally-concious arenas from print ads to product development, our community works together to bridge the gaps between stakeholders in order to build a stronger, more resilient, and Sustainable Venice.
Our group of activists petition for local and global change in environmental policy and practices. Local educators and consultants in the field of sustainability, green-living, and healthy lifestyles help to build the foundation, and foster the community, as leaders connecting neighborhoods and conducting global outreach for strategic partnerships and community engagement. 
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